Fundraising Page


Thank you everyone who has arrived at this site and has decided to support my fight to End ALS!!! 

My next event is one dear to me and was the inspiration behind the Iron Horse Challenge and was the first to show me that commitment and compassion can culminate in an event that can create change and that can offer action and something more that hope. 

I’m speaking of the the Tri State Trek, a 270 mile Cycling event to benifit ALSTDI (one of the largest medical research centers in the the US that is solely devoted to finding a cure for ALS and MS).  This is the 4 year that I’ve ridden this and I’m proud to once again represent Ohio in our fight to end this horrible disease.  Below is the link to the donation page and I hope you will consider donating to this wonderful cause:

Thank you so much for your amazing support.  I know that “without you, we go nowhere” and that with you we can find a cure!

**If you have arrived at my blog by the links on my charity fundraising card, you may notice that is no longer the donation site.  I apologize for the confusion.  **


Thank your for helping make a difference and proving that “With you, we can go somewhere!” in this fight.

Warmest heartfelt thanks,

Shawn Schulte

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