Ok, first I want to thank everyone who visits and seeks a way to help develop this project further, because truly without the efforts of others this project cannot be fully realized and will continue to be a hope and a dream, rather than a reality.

Second, please bear with me as I develop these pages to their intended conclusions.  I have only so much time between my job and I plan to spend some time everyday developing this site until it can do what it needs to do.  Please don’t let the unfinished nature deter anyone from leaving comments or questions, as they will help me deepen my own understanding of what needs should be addressed.

Please keep checking back and watching and helping me to spead the word and make this site breath.

The Iron Horse Challenge:
This is a ride of solidarity. To show the Ohio community touched by ALS that we are unified across the state in the fight to find a cure and to help those suffering. Cyclists from Columbus will be led by me (Shawn Schulte) to Dayton/Fairborn, Columbus, and Cincinnatti by bike to each of the walks and from there we will walk with the ALSA community in unity and bike back. The routes are as follows:

Dayton/Fairborn. Sept 13th, 2015 – Sunday – 6am start at Staufs Coffee Roasters.
Details: The Dayton ride will start at Staufs at 6am Sunday the 13th, so we can all arrive at the walk site in Fairborn (Dayton) by the 10-11 registration time and do the walk by 12noon.  This will give us ample time to get back to Yellow Springs for the pizza carb reload and celebration at Ha Ha Pizza and coordinate with the trucks that will help the riders get back to Staufs.  This means riders should be back to Columbus by 3pm or 4pm and still leave a day to enjoy and relish in the fact that 70 miles and a fistfull of hope given to a community has been accomplished, before many people have even considered lunch.  I have at least two trucks on hold and drivers.

Columbus. Columbus Commons – Downtown. September 27th, 2015. 8am.
Details: Come celebrate the Iron Horse Challenge by joining us for a pancake breakfast hosted by me and my family at our house. Show up with an appetite and enjoy the healing weekend as we will host cyclists from other parts of the state and feed our local riders . Its a rest weekend for the Columbus riders and a chance to share fellowship with the local community.

Cincinnatti, OH. Winton Woods Metro Park. Saturday Sept 19th – Sunday Sept. 20th 2015. 127 mile ride 1st day, 82 mile second day. Start Saturday at Staufs Coffee Roasters – 6am – end Xenia station Sunday.
Details: the most challenging but the most rewarding of the cycling rides. The path follows the Ohio to Erie trail and uses some of its best (including the fantastic Little Miami Trail) from Columbus to Loveland, OH where we head west into north Cincinnatti and stay at a local hotel overnight. We get up on Sunday and bike a couple miles to the ALSA walk site and participate in the walk. After a snack at the walk we saddle up and head back the way we came, North along the Little Miami Trail to Xenia. In Xenia we will fill up on eats and get picked back up to Columbus (we will run out of daylight before we can really ride all the way back). Its a long weekend, but for those looking for a challenge, its beautiful that time of year. Unlike the Dayton/Fairborn ride where it is highly recommended (and somewhat expected) that everyone ride 15mph average, the distance on this one asked that participants train to travel between 16-18mph or make arrangements with me at so we can make sure you have enough details to feel comfortable in the route. I am working on getting discount hotel rates in Cincinnatti and ask that anyone looking to participate contact me ASAP about this. Also it is traditional to stop at the Corwin Peddler in Corwin, OH for lunch (around mile 65) and I am trying to get dinners in Cincinnatti and Xenia covered for the riders. Unlike the Dayton/Fairborn ride, all riders should expect to pay their own food and lodging (as I have yet to fully get that donated to the event).  The second day is also an alternative as for the last several years I have been the only rider and have taken a trip back with my father or my fiancee from the Walk.  With the recent opening of Ha Ha’s Pizza in Xenia and some show of interest in a second day return, Xenia is a likely pick up/grab food spot for those interested in an additional leg to the challenge.  The Cincinnati ‘Blazeman Express’ ride is earlier and follows the Dayton/Fairborn, OH “Often Awesome Express” ride by a week…so Columbus’s Walk is the closing event this year.

What I need most are riders and walkers willing to go to the walk. 

Anyone willing to donate to the local ALS chapter would be humbly and graciously thanked and we will carry the checks and cash to the walk where we will submit this to the ALS chapter, in the name of the team.  If you follow the ALS defeat walk link on the main page you will  be able to access team alswarrior and register or donate to the chapter (independently on through the team).  If you sign up on the team as a team member I will contact you to see if you are going to ride or walk.  Walkers can either get transportion, travel on their own, or carpool with others who might want to get their car down to the walk (riders for instance looking to get back from there instead of Yellow Springs).

I am also looking for sponsors who might like to advertise with us and help defer the cost of getting the riders team jerseys, or even vendors who would make the shirts at a discount or donate them to the team.  While I can’t provide receipts on behalf of the ALS chapter (and make such contributions tax deductible – and I don’t want to dilute money that could go to the people who need it), it would be a wonderful reward and reminder to all those that put there energy into this ride that we are also supported in our efforts to support others.  I will also happily advertise and provide word of mouth praise for all who help in this project and I will direct others to patron your establishments and mention your actions and commitment to the community.

Thanks again and I look forward to your comments and insights.

best wishes,


2 responses

2 08 2009
Jason Cleveland

I would like to know how a may join in on this ride and I am curious as to the terrain.

3 08 2009

I’m so happy you want to join up! Where are you coming from and which of the rides (or indicate if you want to ride both and walk all three DeFeat walks) you might be interested in joining us for? All the terrain is low grade, easy going multi use trail, moderate traffic city lanes (in getting out of Columbus and into Cincinnatti), some riding in small towns, all very bike accessible and I go out this month to double check the route and make sure there are no unforseen obstacles. Much of the route uses the Ohio to Erie Trail system and includes the Little Miami Trail from Xenia to Cincinnatti-Loveland. There are pictures on the site and I also can send you a link to my mapmyride page that has the maps on them and if you join up (its free on mapmyride) you can also see the elevation. Let me know how else I can support your interests and feel free to contact me via email ( and I will send you a phone number I can be reached at for further follow ups. If you in Columbus and your interested in training, there is a small group of us getting together, and you would be welcome to join us. Thanks so much for you interest in joining the fight!
Best Wishes,
Shawn Schulte

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