Sad beyond words…The Passing of Tim LaFollette

24 08 2011

I’m usually accused of being verbose, but today in this regard I prefer to keep my words simple.  This morning one of the greatest people, fighters, and ALS awareness bringers, passed away surrounded by his friends, family, and care givers.  Tim LaFollette was the voice of the Often Awesome army, a movement that helped to redefine the contour of the fight against ALS and helped to bravely show the course that one persons journey could take along that path.  Tim is amazingly talented, defiant, humorous, passionate, and made this story about love; because Tim found the love of his life in Kaylan and they took this journey with each other.

It has been over a year since I have posted.  I have many excuses but none today.  I can’t begin to honor this man and his family and his Often Awesome army enough.  They define what love and awareness can do and how a community can come together to fight this disease and even more importantly….how to live and love.

Thank you Tim and Kaylan.  Thank you Often Awesome.

I will be posting the whole Often Awesome series, 33 episodes, and with it I will also be catching up on the events of the last year, of my 1000 miles for charity, of the Gathering of Warriors ALS fundraiser, the Spin A Thon for Jon Blais 2011, the Autism ride, the ride of silence, the Steve Barbour Memorial Ride, the IHC 2010 and the Walks to Defeat ALS…and of course…the details of this years Iron Horse Challenge 2011.

I have decided to dedicate this years Iron Horse Challenge to Tim and Kaylan.  I plan also to design a special logo for this years Dayton/Fairborn IHC ride that will merge the swallows of the Often Awesome and the Iron Horse of Ohio’s fight against ALS.  I hope this will be a enduring tribute to an amazing man and a reminder to us all, live and love and ALS “fucking sucks”!




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26 08 2011
Andy Coon

ALS does fucking suck…your pretty damn awesome as well.

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