MS Pedal to the Point: map and musings

8 08 2010

2009 Pedal to the Point Day 2
Find more Bike Rides in Sandusky, Ohio

2009 pedal to the point century
Find more Bike Rides in Cleveland, Ohio

First I should explain that without having taken a step towards the goal of riding 1000 miles for charity, I may not have had the chance to meet Mike, Donte, or Chris or have learned of  Team Pedal Quickly or Team Speranza.  Meetings these great people helped connect me to a great group of compassionate riders who take up important causes across Ohio.  It was a conversation I had with Mike Lacey II on the Tsururadio “no frills bike ride to fight breast cancer” – benefiting Susan Komen – that led to Mike inviting me to join him on the MS 150 -Pedal to the Point to fight MS.  I really starting to realize that there is a broad community of like-minded cyclists who enjoy putting their talents and energies towards great causes.  I hope also that some of these growing connections, combined with my efforts to spread the word of the Iron Horse Challenge (IHC), will draw new riders to the event and continue the momentum of making this a powerful tool in growing ALS awareness and a potent fundraising tool for the Central and Southern Ohio ALS chapter; drawing more attention to the Walk to Defeat ALS. 

In recognizing the power of other connections, I should mention that Mapmyride has been a indespensable tool to help find not only amazing routes and in creating new ones, but it has also been a boon to helping draw some of those charitable cycling communities together.  The maps above were taken from Mapmyride, as I was looking for a sneak-peak into the Pedal to the Point’s route; which strangely they don’t post and also they don’t make it easy on ride day to find a cue sheet or map.  The route is clearly posted and the crew support and stations are well done and the course is full of helpful people.  I just found it unusual that you could not, on the Pedal to the Point  home page (or on the facebook site devoted to the ride),  find a single map before the event to train for it or share with others to encourage thier participation.  It is by far one of the easiest 100 miles you can ride; its flat, low traffic, all country and city roads, and well supported.  I would recommend it to anyone looking to do a charity ride and earn your century flight wings.  All that aside…MapMyRide just so happened to have a jazzy punk lady who is an avid rider who posted the route from a previous year and gave me a chance to share it with others.  Best part:  I was heading in after the first day’s 100 miles and noted a woman passing me and her tattoos sparked recognition and I caught her for a second.  Now how do you mention “Hey thanks for posting the maps on MapMyRide and by the way I pasted them into my blog” to a random stranger who wouldn’t know you from nothing?  Guess you just do it; doesn’t create instant freinds, but it does make you realize that there are some great connections you can make and that hands that don’t even know each other can find a moment to further aid in a time when people need it.  For me it was her maps; for MS it was  Tsururadio’s “No frills bike ride” and Mike Lacey II.  Hope is a family built on such foundations and we don’t need to ‘know’ each other to be part of the same act.  I don’t know anyone suffering from MS, but I can fight for them.  You don’t need to know my Mother to fight to end ALS.  I don’t need to know  Tsururadio to fight Cancer. 

Hope is a family.  I wish and I wish you all well.  Thanks for doing the things that you do!




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