Tri State Trek 2010: Journey towards Boston

22 07 2010

This year is a special year.  It’s the first that my dad is joining me directly at the Tri State Trek as a volunteer.  Obviously I would love it if he were able (and willing) to ride in this amazing adventure (on a bike that is), yet I know he is still working his way into being a part of this, even if he has always been a supporter of the fight.  Either way, for the last 3 years he has worked to help me get to Boston and to get me back to Columbus.  With his trusty ‘Flash’ and his ability to look at miles and miles of road with ease, we are now coming onto a new stage of adventure as we find new towns to alight and begin creating a narrative in our journey to the Trek.  This year Weedsport is our overnight destination and the sky is amazing, with a blush of storm clouds hanging heavy against the setting sun and with smoky tendrils snaking around the moon, the towns old, homey feel is ripe to call up memories of Tom Waits imagination.  I can’t help thinking of my mom and how she would love this and I think of so many others who would appreciate this journey and this moment: Jen, Lara, Tom, Jason, Audra…it conjours a family that brings this whole act into perspective. 

ALS changed my life in 2003.  It brought a horrible journey to my family that we are still healing/reeling from.  It took from my father his partner of 36 years, it took my mother in pieces, until in 2006 we were left to finish her legacy for her and this brought me into facing this fight.  ALSTDI and the Tri State Trek are part of this war and part of my evolution as a cyclist, as a humanist, and as a compassionate warrior.  The TST inspired the Iron Horse Challenge, made me believe that the spirit and energy of a few wonderful and committed people could make a difference.  The TST is an example of what can happen when people take action.  This is my 4th year on the TST.  I will ride it with the passion it deserves and for the people who I love.  I will ride it for hope and for ‘more than hope’.  I will ride it for Tim and Joe, for my mom and dad, for all of my supporters, all the heroes who fight this disease, and all the warriors who fight to live in the face of it. Thank you for believing in me.  Thank you for your support.  Thank you for fighting ALS!

Stay tuned….the battle is coming!




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