Arrival Boston: Newton, MA hotel

22 07 2010

Traveling always poses some interesting obstacles (with more interesting rewards more often than not).  It’s always the flush of the unknown, from the known, into the maybe-I-remember-it that is such a wonderful transition.  It calls to something very primal in the human condition and it’s always so amusing when people choose to spend energy complaining about it. 

Take my father and I’s arrival in Boston.  Eating at a great little Thai joint, arriving early to the hotel and not being able to find familiar landmarks: like the TST sign up-table.  Suddenly then spotting a few familiar signs and feeling the rush of ah-ha when familiar faces show up, or when the sign you’re looking for reveals itself and you actually find what you are looking for.  I remember feeling the same blush of recognition and excitement every year when I would step off the plane in Alaska and deeply realize the adventure is before me and no matter how familiar, the new blush of change was vibrant and dawning on the path ahead.

The reason that I never got to finish this post till nearly 3 months later has a lot to do with the happiness of seeing these familiar faces.  Both of these amazing guys rode north to the Tri State Trek, adding an additional 200 miles to their fight to support ALSTDI and the search for the cure.  The man on the right is Andy Rubenstein and I owe him a lot.  He was one of the first people I ever met on the TST, when I showed up new to the event and still trying to find my bearings in Boston.  Andy made me feel immediately like a welcome part of the event and of the ALSTDI family.  He is one of the kindest and warmest people I have met and it was with great pleasure that this year he was honored for his quality of spirit and action at the 2nd day of the TST; when honors are given out to the many amazing people who work every year to try to keep awareness and hope alive.

 The guy on the left is also an important member of this fight.  Richard Unis is a tank.  A powerful athlete and cyclist who was drawn into this event and who has embraced it.  It has been my honor to ride with him and to be witness to his character and compassionate spirit.  He does some kind of marathon, ride, or event nearly every month and if I ever had someone to look at to athletically follow:  it would be him. He casts a deep net behind him and consider yourself lucky if you ever get to ride in his draft.

Just as I was beginning to write a brief update at the hotel, these guys come in after having ridden up to meet the event, some couple hundred miles, with Andy’s daughter and her boyfriend running crew in Rich’s truck.  So between catching up to them, getting signed in and trying to keep up with the day, I never had a chance to return to the blog.  Wow…time moves fast and you have to be ready to move when its time to move.




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29 08 2010
Richard Unis

Shawn, THANK YOU for all your kind words about me, but ditto to you too… I enjoy your company over the years on the ALS ride. I admire your commitment to charity events and using your god given talents to good causes. Keep in touch during the year and be healthy and happy……

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