Shiva Shakeri and more efforts to fight ALS

7 07 2010

Shiva Shakeri is one of the survivors.  Having lost one of her family to ALS at a young age, she was one of the surprising connections that made me realize how varied and how diverse this disease can be.  Most importantly, it made me aware of the subtle roles that it takes in communities and how each person processes the experience of being a ‘survivor’. 

Staufs started its ‘arts’ program a number of years ago, the brain child of Martha Knox and myself.  At the time, we both saw it as an outlet for the community, for young artists with little show experience to have a chance at both public exposure and also as an experiment in learning how to show in such an unusual space and how to plan for that.  We dreamed that local highschool teachers would want to be a part of this, as a chance to show off their student talent; ironically that hasn’t been the case.  It was a few years ago that Staufs began doing a “charity” show once a year to try to draw the local art community into acts of supporting community based charities and events, to showcase not only their talent, but their commitment to positive action and change, to social awareness, and to art as a positive community act.  The shows have never really bloomed into the media and community events that I wished that they could be; I never give up hope that they will one day catch fire.

It is with a rare pleasure that Shiva Shakeri shared with me her desire to do something for the ALS community.  Having had such a personal connection to the disease and having lost someone dear to her, we have shared spare details and each as we could have about our individual experiences with losing a loved one.  Each of our paths is unique and so are our responses to the loss.  When Shiva mentioned wanting to have a show at Staufs, I was happy to offer her a spot, but it is with great generosity that she is making a gesture to her family and the ALS community by offering a portion of her sold work to the fight to find a cure.  Her bio reads:


Shiva Shakeri is a resident of the Grandview area and a Stauf’s regular.  Originally from Iran, Ms. Shakeri has a BFA in still-based media with a minor in art therapy from CCAD.  The work she is exhibiting showcases her fine art and landscape work, but she also enjoys taking portraits.

Ms. Shakeri lost a family member to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease) at a young age.  In memory and honor of her loved one, 10% of the proceeds from the sale of these photos will to the ALS Association.  Thank you for joining the fight against ALS!

To purchase any of the works exhibited here, or for information regarding Ms. Shakeri’s rates and availability for portraits, commercial photography, or events, please contact her at  And to see more of her creative and stylish work, please go to or visit her on facebook at

—————————— here is a sneak peek of her work showing at Staufs and please consider contacting her to thank her for her bravery and generosity in sharing her story and fighting for those with ALS ————————————————————————————–




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