Cut it or Keep it?!

2 07 2010

After I got out of  AF JR ROTC my junior year of highschool, I was already flirting with long hair.  I’ve weathered the stages of annoyance – poke you in the ear/eye, get caught in your mouth, not long enough to manage/too short to hide, getting caught under the arm pit, being too long to tie in with a single pony tail  holder – you get the gist.  I taught myself how to braid my hair one day while on wheel watch crossing the gulf of Alaska and the rest has been lazy/easy maintenance.  I imagine there are few people on this planet who have ever seen me without some elusive tail hanging down the shirt or over the shoulder.

My friends, family, co-workers, and members of my community are all somewhat used to my unusual long-distance riding, my fighting competitions, my artistic latency.  Riding 270 miles in 3 days doesnt faze em and I would have to do it with one leg, blindfolded, or in the middle of winter to re-capture the imagination that I once was able to draw out of them. 

So last year I came up with the idea that perhaps a change could rouse them into action and into supporting my Tri State Trek ride.  I offered to auction off my hair to the highest bidder and let the winner have the honor of cutting it off, with proceeds going to the ride and the hair going to some other charity (locks of love/wigs for kids).  It was a great idea and inspired early bidding, but quickly was over and the fun and the sport was dulled and many were frustrated cause the bidding went from a couple dollars to $300 + in like 2 days.  With the inability to romance the situation further and with the suprise that some were bidding for me to keep it, I dropped the idea and then decided to try it out again this year.

So here’s the scoop:

Do I cut it or keep it?  For every donation of $10 or more, pledged

to this years Tri State Trek ride, I will take your vote.  The

donation link is here:

I will email people on July 13th who have made a contribution (or call them) and tally the votes.  If I keep it, all the funds remain and we have raised a bit of a stir and some good donations for the Tri State Trek and ALSTDI.  If the majority says cut it, then off it comes and the money goes to the ride and the hair goes to a suitable charity.  My friend Maureen recently did a charity event at her church to support a little girl in her community and the voting was boy vs girls with an adult representative getting their hair chopped.  Turns out both Maureen and her counter part got the chop and the girl got the support and the message: that there are those out there who will do wonderful acts of change in order to support her in her fight.  I plan on doing the same. 

All votes will be tallied by July 15th and we will see if I go to Boston and ride the trek : With or Without!

Join the fun, make a donation and email me a vote at I look forward to the tally.




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