1st Day of Tour de Grandview – Sun and Rain

27 06 2010

The Tour de Grandview started off with a beautiful sunny day and Grandview Ave was transformed with the air of something special.  The road was shut off from Spagio’s to 1st ave and the streets were alive with vendors and further down, with kids lining up by their age groups and racing for the finish line.   A festive air mingled with live music, vendors, food, and of course a beer tent.  A special addition was a local TV show that is all about Grandview and it looks like they will be giving me air time later (Yahooo!!) to promote my fight against ALS!  In addition I was given mention in the Columbus Dispatch in the Life and Arts section (ironically right next to the chess puzzle) and tomorrows “without you, we go nowhere” ride was mentioned….I hope it translates into donations!  Also had a chance to hand out cards and promote the Iron Horse Challenge and of course this web blog!  I hope soon to add the ranks and that the new vistors will find a welcome home against our pages as we bring the fight to ALS!  Stay tuned…more pics and more stories tomorrow!




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