sneak peak from Staufs and the upcoming Tour de Grandview

26 06 2010

Staufs has always had a mythological and tangible connection to the Tour de Grandview….or as it was once known…the Wendy’s cycling classic.   Believed to be the brain child of a couple of local businessmen and a handy number of local cyclist (one of which was a dear friend of mine – Stu Depp), it began an interesting legacy of cycling and community that continues to this day. 

Stu Depp was a cyclist, adventurer, military man, a coffee barrista, and social navigator of the most gracious kind.  He started a tradition of taking Staufs by storm and bringing in bikes, jerseys, random parts…all things bike and cycling related…and decorate the store…he hung bikes from the ceiling, gears hung on the walls like bizzare Christmas ornaments, and he hung jerseys until the store was drapped like flag day.  It was a haven for cyclists (back when we were the only coffee shop in town and we were ground zero for the race) and he made them feel like they had wandered into the coffee/cycling amusment park of funk and I remember those days with fondness.  I can’t boast enough gear to cover the store, but I do my best to honor my fallen brother and friend and I hope in spirit to capture some of him in the way I ride.  Hu-ah Stu, this one’s for you!




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