Tour de Grandview approaches…

25 06 2010

With rain and potential thunder storms in the forcast, I can only hope that it holds off for this event.  Last year, the “Without You, We go Nowhere” ride at the Tour de Grandview helped us raise nearly $200 and was a great show of support from the local community.  With nearly $1000 left (1/2 of the goal) and only a month left to go before the Tri State Trek, I really hope we can make this a wonderful event.  Already Tom Patton and Aubrey Touchman have said that they could donate some time and help me raise awareness and I’m still looking for a few others to really feel that its all going to come together.  I will ride rain or shine, but I feel the crowd as well as the possible donations will dwindle in the heat, rain, and thunder.  Time can only tell.  I will have photos of Staufs decked out for the upcoming ride posted tomorrow as well as a map of the vendors in relation to the ride.  I hope everyone stays in touch with the site as I’m really doing what I can to fullfill  my promise of a post everyday until the Trek.  There is also a nibble on the media front and I will let you in on details as they make themselves available.




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