1000 miles in 2010 for charity

22 06 2010

I am long overdue for a post.  Its my promise to everyone that from today until July 22nd (the start of my journey to Boston to ride in the Tri State Trek), I will attempt to catch up on so many of the past and upcoming events!  For those who have been following on Facebook (either having friended me :Shawn Schulte or having joined become a fan of the “Iron Horse Challenge”), much of this information has been available, but I will try and present it in a new light and with a new focus.

First things first.  I am attempting to ride 1000 miles this year in the name of charity.  Not just one, but many and in a number of different events.  So far the list looks like this:

April 3rd – TSURURADIO’s SUPER AWESOME NO-FRILLS BIKE RIDE for BREAST CANCER – a 50 mile bike ride thrown on by a passionate member of the Roll: cycling community for Susan Komen’s breast cancer charity. 

May 22nd – Tour De H2O (link: http://tourdeh2o.org ) – a 50 mile bike ride to support the building of water wells in W. Kenya to improve the quaility of life for those communities.









July 23rd-25th – ALSTDI’s Tri State Trek – a 270 mile in 3 day ride to support a medical solution to ALS and MS


Aug 14th-15th – Pedal to the Point – a 150 mile in 2 day journey to fight MS

Sept 10th-13th – JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes (in memory of my dear departed friend Stu Depp) – 75 miles around lake Tahoe, Nevada

Sept 19th  – Iron Horse Challenge ride to Dayton/Fairborn, OH – a 72 mile ride and my own commitment to ending ALS in Ohio and supporting the Central and Southern Ohio Chapter and the event this site was originally built around.

Oct 3rd – Iron Horse Challenge ride to Cincinnati, OH – 127 down, 87 back 2 day ride that completes the full route of the Iron Horse Challenge and once again supports the ALSA’s fight to care for the lives here in Ohio who suffer from Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Bringing up my summer lineup to 881 miles and my current total up to 100.  Meaning, I’m keeping my nose out there for other events.  Originally the JDRF ride was suppose to be in November and was a longer event (pushing me over the 1000 mile mark), but that event was booked up and the other riders from Ohio representing this couldn’t make this one happen.  Either way, the bulk of the events are coming up.

In addition, this weekend is the renewal of a commitment to ride a 4 hr stationary “without you, we go nowhere” fundraiser at the Tour De Grandview on Sunday June 27th.  I hope to embrace the cycling energy and the generous Grandview spirit and hopefully raise money for my upcoming Tri State Trek ride.  Those hoping to make a donation can do so by going to this link :


I am excited to be able to use my abilities to try and help so many amazing causes and to do more than hope in these fights.  I celebrate the fact that so many are out there trying to do what they can, whether riding, walking, donating, supporting, volunteering, cheering, ringing “more cowbell”, or spreading the message.  Sometimes the best thing we can do is share what we have: our love, our voice, our compassion.  If more knew about these causes and the struggles that families, friends, and our communities face when diseases creep into our lives and affect our loved ones, then we could keep the focus until a solution is found and those who suffer would be nourished by the support of so many committed to helping find a cure.  Its the thought behind “without you, we go nowhere”…because truly without the compassionate support of a community…neither the cyclist or walker or the person suffering (the real “warrior”) can offer more than hope.  With compassionate support action can happen and a cure can be found. 

Lets End ALS.  Lets end MS.  Lets end Diabetes.  Lets end Cancer.  Lets end Parkenson’s.

Lets fight for the right of all of us to live, love, and celebrate this amazing life!




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