Donating and making a difference & the ALS Spin-A-Thon in Columbus

10 02 2010
I am excited to share that the ALS Spin-A-Thon in Columbus, to honor John Blais, now has a direct donation online website, where willing individuals can support our efforts.  I’m so sorry it has taken this long for this to be set up and I know Carrie has been struggling to find some place that won’t take a significant percentage of the donations raised for a ‘fee’.  I am so happy that Carrie has managed to find a service that will keep the donations where they belong, in the hands of those who are actively hunting the cure!  Thank you Carrie! 

Below is her message from the donation page and the link out there.  Please consider supporting this effort and giving what you can.  I know John’s spirit was to fight to win this war and he believed that we would do just that; I want to make that dream happen.  I want no family to be touched by this and I want to preserve my Mother’s wish and memory by doing what I can.  I hope you will help in joining me in this, because its only together can we win this War on ALS!

My personal message:  From Carrie McCoy

On Saturday Feb. 20th athletes across the county will hop on bicycles for the fifth annual

 “ALS Spin-A-Thon” and Columbus, Ohio will be represented. I am calling on all endurance athletes to go for “The Ride of Their Lives” and raise money for ALS “So Others May Live.”

The Event is in honor of John Blais (Blazeman) a former Ironman athlete
who competed in the 2005 Ironman World Championships in Kona having
been diagnosed with ALS also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease (video clip
of his race This disease
has taken the lives of over 20 million and effects healthy adults like
ourselves.  There are 0 survivors from ALS including John Blais who
passed away in April 2007. However, his memory and cause are not

His fight to finish the Kona Ironman and to raise awareness for ALS inspired athletes around the world and now its our time to give. Please join in with me to raise funds and give your support for this event.  All proceeds go to The Blazeman Foundation for ALS whose mission  is to raise awareness about ALS by leveraging the energy, commitment and compassion of the multi-sport community and to raise necessary funds to be directed into cutting-edge scientific research to find treatments and an eventual cure for ALS…So Others May Live. 

Remember every donation makes a difference, so lets do it Columbus lets do just that…..

As John would say: “Believe…Pick a stronger word than Hope…Cure”. -blazeman

Donate here:





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