2010 Ride-A-Thon to celebrate the life of John Blais

19 01 2010

Below is an email that I sent out to try and create support for a great local (and national) event.  This event was the inspiration for my “Without You, We go Nowhere” campaign and really helped me to realize that we can all do something, even if we don’t think we can.  Please offer whatever support you can, with whatever resouces you have.  Each act is a gift and supports the lives of others, while nourishing yourself, the cause, and the families who need it most.  Fighting ALS is an movement of action, being and ALSWARRIOR is a state of mind.


Thank you everyone for giving me just a moment of your time. Last year I helped support and event that helped bring focus to the fight to end ALS. Below is a letter from Carrie McCoy, a triathlete and amazing humanitarian, who last year put together a ride to support a national indoor stationary cycling event to remember the life of John Blazeman, a Ironman athlete who competed in the 2005 World Championships in Kona in 2005 while struggling with ALS. His family has declared WAR on ALS and has encouraged and supported many athletes to bring the voice of the fight to end Lou Gerhigs Disease. For more information on John Blazeman and his families fight, please visit http://www.waronals.com This is the 2nd year that I will have helped bring this fight to Columbus and help Carrie in her quest to grow this event. I am humbling asking anyone who would like to ride, donate, or support this event to please contact Carrie or myself as we would very much like to make this a special event for Columbus, OH and for those across the country who struggle with this disease. Please read the message below and consider if you can help make this the best year so far. Thank you for your time, your compassion, and your support. Shawn Schulte, alswarrior@gmail.com

so others may live


Dear OSU Cycling Board, My name is Carrie McCoy, I am an Ohio State Alumni. I know how important it is for the club to be represented in the community and I wanted to offer you the opportunity to be a part of this event again. On Saturday Feb. 20th athletes across the county will hop on bicycles for the fifth annual “ALS Spin-A-Thon” and Columbus, Ohio will be represented. I am calling on all endurance athletes to go for “The Ride of Their Lives” and raise money for ALS “So Others May Live.” John Blaze inspired many of us and now it is our time to give back and represent. I am inviting six teams in the area to participate in this event. There will be several sponsors such as PowerBar, Great Harvest, Second Sole, Premier Athletic Club and BikeSource as well as potential media presence such as channel 4. I think this is a great opportunity for the club and a great chance to increase their exposure in the community. The event will take place at Premier Athletic club off of 33 and Bethel (about 10-15 from campus) and will start at 6am and go till 10:30pm. Each team will be allowed to create a relay team of as many people as they see fit, the event is 16.5 hours to represent John’s Blaze’s race time and each team can split that time between riders how they want. There is fundraising available for the event however it is not mandatory, I will send more information on potential fundraising once your team is confirmed. As for equipment, trainers are provided however if a bike is needed with advance notice, that can be provided. If you have further questions please contact me. As previously stated the event is in honor of John Blaze a former Ironman athlete who competed in the 2005 World Championships in Kona having been diagnosed with ALS also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. This disease has taken the lives of over 20 million and effects healthy adults. There are 0 survivors from ALS including John Blaze who died in April 2007. However, his memory and cause are not forgotten. If you are interested in this opportunity please contact me immediately so I can secure your spot and we will talk about more details. Train Hard and with Heart, Carrie McCoy 614-746-2354 JustTri.net Coachmccoy@justtri. net




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26 01 2010
chris parkerson


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