Art show @ Staufs Coffee Roasters to Benefit ALS Chapter and the James Cancer Hospital

20 11 2009

Staufs Coffee Roasters features its 2nd annual Group Charity Show ,with all works up for sale offering some portion of the profits from the work sold to local charities.  The Central and Southern Ohio ALS Chapter has been able to benefit from this in both years that we have been showing, with kind consideration paid to my involvement with developing the show and recruiting artists for the event.  This year features a special artist who attended school at OSU and is now a teacher and instructor in NY at his work can be seen at the following website devoted to his works:  .  Yotam’s works include “Lindsay” for $350, and “Lot’s Wife” for $400.  The Central and Southern Ohio ALS Chapter will receive 50% of either piece sold.  Potential buyers should contact me at  about the work and make purchases payable to Shawn Schulte (in trust of Yotam Zohar).

PS- if anyone asks, the sitter of “Lindsay” is Lindsay Wootton, an OSU Art Department alum. The sitter for “Lot’s Wife” is named Kelley, but I don’t know anything else about her except that she worked at the OSU Faculty Club at the time the work was painted (2008).

Yotam’s Artist Bio follows (as does his connection to the fight to end ALS) :

Yotam Zohar is an international artist with a background in traditional figurative painting. He earned a BFA at The Ohio State University and an MA at Eastern Illinois University, and supplemented his training with private lessons in Europe. His work has been exhibited extensively in the Midwest, and hangs in private collections in the US and Europe. Yotam is currently living and working in New York City, where he hopes to contribute to the re-emergence of “beauty as subject matter” in the contemporary fine art world.

Artist Statement:

During the latter part of the 1990s, my father’s ex-wife died of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). She was a great woman, who had played a small role in my early childhood. My memories of her are foggy at best; as they continue to fade, what remains is the ambition to invest in the pursuit of medicine and research that might prevent or treat future cases, to the benefit of the illness’ victims and their loved ones. I see this as one of many opportunities for human beings to become stronger and more compassionate, while we continue to evolve within a world of which we have no choice but to find ourselves the ultimate caretakers.

In addition to Yotam’s work, a mutual friend of his and mine, and a talented local artist (and Staufs employee) Brad Larkin (who also recently graduated from OSU’s school of fine art) contributed the colorful, abstract, and vibrant works that have brightened the store.  Brad has shown with us previously and is an active part of the Columbus art community and a talented painter and musician.  His works are numerous and many of the titles are hidden on the backs of the works.  Brad is also offering a portion of any sales to the Central and Southern Ohio ALS chapter in support of my and Yotam’s connection to this charity work. Brad can be reached at for more information or to contact him about purchasing his works.  He is usually also easy to find mornings at Staufs.

Finally Frank Begun, in the Department of Urology, and Audrey Begun, in the College of Social Work, over at OSU have included 4 photographs in our exhibit at Staufs.  They have generously offered to have portions of their work donated to the James Cancer Research Hospital at OSU.  Both Frank and Audrey are regulars at Staufs and have a personal connection to the work done at the James Cancer hospital.  It is also great to see other people passionately offering their creative energy to support a local center of hope that also has recently added a cycling voice to the community in the form of Pelatonia (for those not familiar with this event, please click on the link to the right and join me in supporting a great cause for fighting cancer and for promoting a great cycling event for Ohio!).
    It is important to note that Frank sees patients at OSU-East Urology, who very much need and will benefit from the James’ research and services and Audrey is a 2 times breast cancer survivor (treated in Wisconsin) and she wishes to help promote the James’ research and services in an effort “to improve the chances that women in the region will be helped to avoid or survive similar cancers.”  They can be reached at for prints of their work.

The photos above are a sneak peek from the night when we hung the show in early October.  The show has been up for about a month and a half and will be coming down at the end of next week and unfortunately I have not been contacted by any potential buyers, but I want everyone to know how to contact these wonderful and talented local artists, in the chance that even after their work comes down, opportunities for their generosity can continue.  Please consider making a generous offer, support a local charity, and a local artist; Buy a work of art and give life to your home and hope to your community.  Feel free to contact me as well if you would like to commission or make inquiries of any of these artists.  They truly are hero’s of the art community!




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