The ride to Join Canton’s Walk to Defeat ALS !

11 09 2009

My goal for tomorrow – Friday 9.11.09 – ride to Gambier, OH where I have been offered a gracious and generous space to crash (my hosts will be Alex, Chris, Martin, and Christian) who will allow me a couch to rest on before the rest of the ride on Saturday.  I will then hook up with my dear friend Maureen in Canton, OH and she will kindly allow me a chance to catch up with her and her family, crash that night, and then she will join me at the Canton Walk to Defeat ALS, put on by the Northern Ohio ALS chapter.  This is an exciting new chapter of my attempt to unify Ohio in its fight and I look forward to connected to new friends and new people devoted to providing hope in the struggle to find a cure for Lou Gehrig’s disease and offer support and compassion to those who fight with it each day.

ALSWARRIOR’s start your horses!!!!




One response

13 09 2009

Congratulations on making it all the way to Canton! You are amazing! Killer hills, forgotten equipment, Amish buggies, and couch surfing did not deter you from your mission. Well done, ole chap! *kisses*!

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