New Video from the Tri State Trek on TV

10 09 2009


For all of those who haven’t had the benefit of the glorious experience of riding the Tri State Trek and fighting Lou Gehrig’s disease by riding 270 miles from Boston to White Plains, NY (in 3 days!), this video may not capture the unity or energy.  The Tri State Trek and its inclusive fellowship for all those who suffer from ALS,  may not be fully present in the new’s narrow focus in this video, but I highly encourage anyone who wants to be apart of something special to join up for next year. 

I also believe that if we work together, that we can offer the same camaraderie, the same compassionate and powerful energy.  I believe we can give rise to a similiar amazing ability to bring focus to this disease and draw it out into the public eye, like Pelatonia, if we can only summon the passion and riders to be apart of the Iron Horse Challenge!  The gift of the Tri State Trek is the example that a few riders can start something really tremendous, that can be a symbol for hope, that can raise money and awareness, that can bring many voices to the cause, and celebrate the lives that are fighting for their freedom in the face of Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Tomorrow I’m riding to Gambier, OH and the following day I hope to arrive in Canton, OH.  Sunday I will walk in the Northern Ohio ALS chapter’s Walk to Defeat ALS and start a new chapter in my fight to unify Ohio in defeating ALS!  Please feel free to donate to my “als bike warriors” team on the Central and Southern Ohio ALS chapters walk site for Dayton or Cincinnati.  Your generous gift supplies 70% of the funds that the chapter receives every year to supply all the services for the many Ohioans who suffer from ALS.  WE NEED YOUR HELP!  Please consider any gift that you can offer.  My mother would thank you for it and so will I.




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