Beautiful Day for the Start of Pelatonia

29 08 2009

Its a wonderful late summer, early autumn day in Columbus, OH and the warm, bright light and gentle cool breeze reminds me of the best days that this time of the year has to offer. Its also the dawn of a new event in Ohio cycling, with the beginning of Pelatonia’s ride to fight cancer. I have featured the link to this ever since Ben Anderson, my old roommate and previous assistant manager at Staufs, got involved in it behind the scenes. I have to admit that I would very much would have loved to go out for it this weekend and were it not for the exhaustive fund raising that happened just a few months ago, with the Tri State Trek, and were it not for the fact that so much of my current energy is devoted to trying to grow, develop, encourage, and reach out to Ohio with the promise of the Iron Horse Challenge, I would definitely be out there today.
I suppose I would be able to have done all of these events if I had more resources and support to raise the fund raising goals needed to make a difference to all of these worthy and wonderful charities. There is so much work to be done on so many fronts and so many dedicated athletes and community members struggling to try and make a difference, to reach into the public consciousness and ask them to share some measure of themselves to find a compassionate and generous way to help.
With such a beautiful day before us, its so clear why so many of us are out there trying to celebrate and support this life. This amazing beauty of this day, in all of its natural wonder, is of the kind that brightens so many memories, causes families to get out and create new adventures; its a day where friends come together, where life is easy to find pleasure in. Kids laughing, playing in the park, lovers going for a walk, people finding easy ways to get out and enjoy such a day. Its so easy to understand why days like this become anchors in the mind as the good times in life, the ones we cherish to remember and hope to never forget. Its the days that make us humble to be alive.
For each of us, some day there will come a day of loss where finding our way back to a day like this is difficult. Where the loss of our Friend, family, lover, or child will over take us and ask us why they can’t be here today. For many, this question will come in the face of a disease or an accident that seems like it could have been avoided, if only some action earlier had been taken. Today it is Pelatonia that rides to provide hope that for someone, cancer will not be the reason we can’t spend this day and days like it, together with those we love. The riders out there, crossing this humble state of Ohio, snaking south-east and feeling the miles under their wheels and finding new thresholds of living as the miles wear on, they are making this day an act of defiance and one of celebration as they seek to honor the fight that the ride represents. Its not hard to understand why they do it, for some it might seem like a journey that ‘they couldn’t do’, but together we can make sure that ‘hope still lives and the dream never dies’ that we can save a life and preserve this day for others to live and feel grateful for without the shadow of cancer’s touch.
Ride hard, ride long, and love the whole way!
Good for you, Pelatonia!
Good for you all who ride for Hope!




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