Heads up to All Riders Interested in the Iron Horse Challenge (IHC)

20 08 2009

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First I want to mention that I am grateful for each and every person who decides to ride, to volunteer their time and energy, who wants to get involved.  I want to thank everyone who gives these options consideration, who understands that their moment of compassionate pondering, creates a new hope for all those who suffer from ALS.  Each new rider, volunteer, and person who offers their cheers or donates on behalf of participants in the Iron Horse Challenge, creates new voices and offers new strength in supporting the ALS Associations Central and Southern Ohio chapter’s fight to combat this disease here in our state.  It takes about $200,000/per year of medical and professional support, tools, and resources to sustain a person struggling with Lou Gehrig’s disease and each new walker, team, or sponsor that joins up, helps make sure that the needs of those people are being met.  It takes people like you, people who can recognize those needs, who is willing to stand up and make a difference, who has the strength to cross those miles in the name of those who cannot, who make the difference in this fight.  You are there to help others hope, you are the fire that ignites the imagination of others, that inspires others so that they too can join us in finding a cure.  Its been 70 years since Lou Gehrig delivered his speech and still we have no reliable way to diagnose this disease and there has yet to be found tools/treatments/drugs that significantly prolong the life of those who fight it; we need to do more and your involvement is critical to winning this battle.


Now for the nitty gritty of what each rider needs to do to get the wheels in motion: 

 1) Go to the Central and Southern Ohio ALS chapter homepage at : http://webcsoh.alsa.org/site/PageServer?pagename=CSOH_homepage

2) Click on the walk event in the city (s) you are interested in participating. If you mean to ride the whole Iron Horse Challenge, that means 3 cities, 3 Sundays.  Go to each city’s walk and register for the appropriate team.   

       For Dayton and Cincinnati you need to register under the : als bike warrior (team)    

       For Columbus you need to register under : wendy’s team (in honor of my sister who started the idea of being involved)                        

        At all 3 sites, you can also look up the team by looking up team captain : shawn schulte

This will notify me that you are signed up and on board and give you access to fundraising on behalf of the team and the chapter.  I will remind everyone that there is not a minimum donation to be involved with this event and this is unique to most charity rides and fundraisers.  Your compassionate actions, your efforts to grow this event and promote the solidarity of Ohio’s fight to end Lou Gehrig’s disease, is the main thrust of the Iron Horse Challenge. I do ask that each rider please contribute something, anything to the Walk to Defeat ALS in the city you participate in (whether you walk/ride/volunteer); It doesn’t have to be much and encouraging others do donate is encouraged.  I have indicated a team/ personal goal of $300 for each event.  I think with a little effort and a little pooling of our collective resources we can reach this goal without a problem. 

 Share this with your family, freinds, co-workers, employeers, see if they will contribute in the name of your actions.  

On the back side, I’m going to be working to do things for you.  I’m trying to contact cycling shops for swag to give to YOU, the riders.  I’m trying to make sure that there is support for the ride home, food at the events, and anything else that can kick start the ride and make it a special moment for everyone.  If my efforts to support you, help you to be a part of this and bring others into supporting the event, then the work of one, is multiplied and we all are able to do so much more for those who need it the most.    

So please everyone visit the ALS Associations main web page, find the Walk to Defeat ALS  in your area (if you are not in the Ohio area and can’t join us for the Iron Horse Challenge – consider creating your own, I would be proud and happy to help you develop your event, or at least share with you some of the insight that I have found working on this one),  sign up for the Walk To Defeat ALS, and help us all to make a difference to families who are fighting this terrible disease.

stationary rider buisness card front

My Riders/walkers/volunteers  ALSWARRIORS :

  For Dayton/ Fairborn go to :         http://webcsoh.alsa.org/site/TR?fr_id=5759&pg=entry  and then hit the donate button.  It will take you to http://webcsoh.alsa.org/site/TR?fr_id=5759&pg=pfind  where you will be asked to look for a team or a walker/ team captain. Look up als bike warriors  – or look up – shawn schulte.  Then go to              http://webcsoh.alsa.org/site/TR?sid=4340&type=fr_informational&pg=informational&fr_id=5759     and Join the Team.              

  For Columbus go to :         http://webcsoh.alsa.org/site/TR?fr_id=5758&pg=entry  .  hit register and it will take you to     http://webcsoh.alsa.org/site/TR?sid=4340&type=fr_informational&pg=informational&fr_id=5758 .  hit join a team.  

Find :   Wendy’s team and/or look up : shawn schulte and Join the Team.

  For Cincinnati go to:         http://webcsoh.alsa.org/site/TR?fr_id=5757&pg=entry  .  hit register and it will take you to    http://webcsoh.alsa.org/site/TR?sid=4340&type=fr_informational&pg=informational&fr_id=5757 .  hit join a team. 

Find : als bike warriors and/or shawn schulte and Join the team.       

                            You will now be signed up as a walker for the ALS Associations Central and Southern Ohio Walk to Defeat ALS and you will be a official rider of the Iron Horse Challenge and an Official ALSWARRIOR for OHIO!  Welcome to the fight, we needed you.

Those looking to make donations directly online can do so, riders of the Iron Horse Challenge are also encouraged to take donations (in the form of checks or cash) and take those donations with them to the walks, in the cities, that they are riding to and we will present them as a team.

Thanks for being a part of something needed in our community.

Thank you for your compassion and your strength.

Thank you for being an ALS warrior!





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