Getting ready for the Iron Horse Challenge

14 08 2009

I’m sorry for the lack of updates concerning the Iron Horse Challenge over the last week.  I recently developed a facebook page devoted to spreading the word, hooking people up with links, and recruiting people to walk, ride, volunteer, donate, cheer, and be apart of the act of compassion and hope.  So far many people have indicated that Columbus Walk to Defeat ALS will have a number of new feet, voices, and faces and I am so excited that the rank so of Wendy’s Team (the name of the team the Iron Horse participants walk under in Columbus – a dedication to my sister, my nephew and niece, and the tremendous work that my sister did to make us all more aware of our mother’s condition, to help our mother during her fight with ALS, and who was the first to not only notice our mother’s initial signs, but was also the first to note that the Walks to Defeat ALS was just down the street from our house.)  I am looking forward to serving hosts of pancakes, french toast, omelets, and anything else our compassionate walkers/riders hunger for breakfast. 

 All the walkers associated with Wendy’s team and the Iron Horse Challenge are invited to a breakfast starting at 8 am at my apartment, before the walk at 11am, Sunday September 27th, 2009.  I will provide more information as the date draws closer to the walk, so stayed tuned. 

The other matter that has stolen my attention is a surprise I hope to get worked out, which can only be viewed here, in this post.  Ever since the I was introduced to the Tri State Trek and earned my first jersey, water bottle, and cowbell, I have wanted to get sponsors and get donated gear for the riders of the Iron Horse.  The first year, Roll and Ben Anderson supplied water bottles for the crew, Staufs supplied a clover coffee starter, and Ha Ha Pizza in Yellowsprings set us up at the end of the Dayton/Fairborn ride/walk.  This year I want to grow this and with so many possible new faces on the ride the desire is very strong to offer something special back for their efforts.  The obstacle is that I am one person, my finances are limited (and I don’t want to dilute the donations the Central and Southern Ohio ALS chapter receives). 

Last year, I made sure at every walk that at least $100 dollars was donated, to qualify each team for the Walk to Defeat T-shirt, so I had something to offer them to remember the events by.  After the walks and the Iron Horse, after much searching I found a good T-shirt place that allowed me to custom design shirts at a reasonable price and I was excited for this as well.  Those shirts however were simple cotton and not suitable for long distance riding. 

Fighting ALS
Fighting ALS

iron horse challenge 2009 poster  the back of the cotton shirt I wore at the Arnold Classic that I developed – revise as a poster for this years IHC

This year I’m trying again to up the bar and I’ve spent a lot of time exploring online options for designing a custom jersey for the riders that is suitable for the long distance cycling that is to come.  I’m trying to keep this on the quiet, only because I’m not sure that I can afford it yet, but I wanted to share a prototype that I’m rather pleased with.  Below is the link to the design and I would love to get feedback from anyone keeping up with these posts.  Nothing has gone to print yet and the new logo is an attempt to demilitarize the symbolism of the ride, since the ALSWARRIOR OHIO is in itself an entity that is more symbolic of my fight and my hope and the Iron Horse Challenge is a being onto its own, filled with the compassionate acts, the sweat and muscle, and passion of the riders and they deserve something of there own. 

alswingeditalswarriorjersey2009blue2ohiosblackdrop ALSWARRIOR and the new Iron Horse logo

I hope you like it     ( this is the link to the Jersey idea)




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15 08 2009

I love the new design – you’ve got great bold colors that are consistent with your alswarrior icon. I love the horse image and the wings around the edges of ohio – lots of hopeful movement.

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