The 2009 Tri State Trek

9 08 2009

The Tri State Trek was another incredible ride and another wonderful part of the fight to find a cure for ALS.  As always, leaving the camaraderie of the ALSTDI crew and all of the passionate riders on the Trek, leaves me with a sense of “why can’t this happen in Ohio?” and “why not spread the hope and the compassion here at home?”.  There is such a positive and inclusive atmosphere with the Trek and with so many diverse people, with such a kaleidoscope of reasons for being involved, that it is so stunning to be apart of it and to celebrate with all of those people the acts of ALSTDI and of each volunteer, rider, supporter, and donor.  This year was of course made even more special by the special stop at Jonston Hill, where many riders did as many as 13, down and back, laps of the last days legendary climb.  I myself completed 4 laps and found that the hill was nothing compared to the cause.

I will write a more in depth follow up later, but I wanted to make sure these photos were posted for everyone.  I hope you enjoy!




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