Right Side of the Road Bike Tour to end ALS

21 07 2009

Dara Schwartz and her partner happened to be in Cleveland and noticed this event as they were kind enough to pass it on.  I wanted to give everyone a chance to see the difference that those touched by ALS and those willing to fight to end it are doing in Ohio and I’m honored to feature them and get the word out.  Please visit their wonderful site at : http://rightsideoftheroad.org/

and if possible, show your support by particapating, spreading the words, coming out to cheer, sending encouraging feedback to them, or running with their inspiration and doing something in your town.

We are all fighters in the war to defeat ALS! 

 Lets remember and honor those we fight for and share the Right Side of the Road!

RSR JerseyRSR teamRSRB jersey

Introducing …Team Rightside: Tony Rizzo, John Sontich, Brian Luther, Carina Adams, Desire Cowie ( Missing from photo: Mary Miller, Brenden Patterson, Bill Westbrook)


Follow Your Heart…

A bike tour like no other, the Right Side of the Road bike tour offers both competitive cyclists and casual riders with the opportunity to ride for an amazing cause through the beautiful Chagrin Valley.

On Sunday, August 2nd, Right Side of the Road and Mountain Road Cycles will host a Chagrin Valley bike tour and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Bright Side of the Road Foundation.

This foundation was established several years ago when Barry Winovich of Chagrin Falls was diagnosed with ALS. Barry’s family and close friends joined together to create a foundation which supported ALS research at the Cleveland Clinic. To date, the group has raised over $750,000 to support ALS research initiatives. Right Side of the Road is proud to support their efforts in funding ALS research.

The Right Side of the Road bike tour offers a family ride of 10 miles and full   25/50/64 and 100 miles. Enjoy beautiful, shaded roads that wind alongside the Chagrin River and surrounding country side.

Entry fees include rest stops, SAG support, and a post-ride lunch with live music at the Chagrin Polo Fields.

Date: August 2nd, 2009

Enjoy a family ride of 10 miles or take on some longer routes with hills through the Chagrin Valley.

The following rides are available:

10 Mile Family Ride

25 Mile Ride

50 Mile Ride

64 Mile Ride

100 Mile Ride

Entry includes rest stops, SAG support, and post ride lunch and concert.

you can get more information on the site or contact them at: 





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