The Tri State Trek is nearly here!

11 07 2009

tues_rot_ride.html  (link to ThisWeek in Grandview community paper featuring me talking about the Tri State Trek)

The Tri State Trek is almost upon us and despite injury and obstacles with training, I feel ready and excited to be participating again.  Its not only the journey and the action that compels me, its the sense of fellowship, of empowerment that seems so compelling.  For a disease like this one, that strips the body of its ability to move and to speak, that robs independence and silences voices, the ability to join with so many other voices and so many other devoted and motivated people directly touched by ALS, is powerful and inspirational.  Without Mat Mendel and the passionate actions of his family and the potent force of ALSTDI, I would not have had the encouragement nor the sense that I can do supportive and unifying actions here at home in Ohio with the Iron Horse Challenge. 

 Last night I was contacted by Breen Bannon, devoted and loving brother of Charles Bannon who recently passed away from ALS after a 3 year fight.  I was honored and humbled by Breen’s act to reach out and contact me and was also overjoyed to learn of his sister Lisa and his sister-in-law Elaine’s participation in the Trek this year.  I have always been shocked that in a state with so many rails-to-trails and so many grand rides (GOBA and TOSRV), we have so few that have reached out to join in this event; particularly with such a show of force by the local ALS chapters with 7 walks, between the Northern and Central & Southern Ohio ALS chapters. 

I was deeply reminded of the cost of this disease upon reading of Breen’s loss and the obvious effect on his family.  Their motivation has raised nearly $17, 000 for the Trek and their actions to find a cure will lead them over 270 miles from Boston, MA  from White Plains, NY and both symbolically and financially will help to support those who suffer and help ALSTDI as they endeavor to find a cure.  I will look forward to meeting them and perhaps also learn enough about their brother to honor him by celebrating his life and working harder to build a Northern Iron Horse Challenge to unify the walks in Akron/Canton, Cleveland, Toledo, and Youngstown/Warren.

BannonElaine and Breen ready to rideChuckfamilyhome

I is my active hope that people will visit both Breen’s and my donation pages and realize that we are both looking to honor a loved one and do something to help so many others who are suffering.  Help us reach our goals and offer your encouragement and support if you can.  Together we can find a cure.  Together we can offer hope.

The Tri State Trek and a 270 mile journey awaits…

More Cowbell!!!

more cowbellGood Luck to all the Riders in training!!! See you soon!




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