Thanks to Everyone at the Tour de Grandview!

29 06 2009

ALSWARRIOR’s “Without you, We go Nowhere” stationary ride at the Tour de Grandview this Sunday was a wonderful success.  Not enough can be said about the acts that everyone played, from the organizers to the riders, the sponsors to the crews, to the vendors and of course the volumes of people who came out on such a splendid day to watch the riders attack the hills of Grandview.  Without the sum of all those parts, our small part in ringing the cowbell for ALS and the riders would not have been possible. 

I want to especially thank those that I had the most interaction with for all that they did to allow me a place to set up and spread the word:

to my lovely partner Audra who helped set up, take down, spread the message, take donations, and brave the heat…thank you so very much.

to my father, John Schulte, who unexpectly showed up, but added his voice and his humor to the day, to begin to share his loss with a community that hides thiers as well; it was fantastic to share the day with him and have him help out with it all.

To the Tour de Grandviews organizers and volunteers, the Grandview parks and recs who did such an amazing job pulling it all together and doing such a great job to keep this event a vibrant part of this city’s traditions – three wooping cheers!

To B1 bicycles, Roll:, Trek, Pelatonia, Merry Milk Maids/Happy Chicken for all the wonderful free swag that we got to offer from Staufs to the community, for the ride shirts that helped share thier passions and thier support for the event, and showing that we can locally create a voice, thank you so much!

To the memorable faces, Casey, Mason (of B1), Ben Anderson (formally of Staufs and always a rider), Jeni’s team (for thier efforts and thier message to the community that they are involved), to all my Staufs regulars who made the point to say hello and share of themselves – thanks for making the time in the saddle a fantastic experience and making the event what it could be!

To all those who loved the Iced tea and listened to our message, took our cards, fliers, magnets, bracelets, and who generously donated so that we could reach $165.86 for the 4 hour stationary ride event – thank you, thank you, thank you!  Your support puts forth the hope that will a show of compassion we can make a difference for others and show that they are not forgotten!  To all those who had stories of loss yourself, who have been touched or who have known those who have been touched by ALS, thank you for your bravery and please share with me your stories, email them to me so they too can be celebrated and remembered here on this site.  Let your memories remind people that until we have a cure our fight doesn’t end.  I am grateful to you all.

To Mark Swanson and the Staufs/Cup o Joe/ Mo Joe family for supporting me in my efforts, for making Gerhig’s blend a reality, to allowing me a space on the boardwalk along the race route – I can’t thank you enough for your generous acts to help me with this fight.

To the special vendors Dewey’s Pizza, Jeni’s Icecream, B1, the Trek Store, Roll:, Raising Caines chicken, Whole Foods, and Wagonbrenner who helped keep the local spirit alive by thier involvement – you all did your part to make this a special day for many people – thank you so much.

A reporter from ThisWeek community newspaper (Grandview) was kind enough to take some time talking to me and getting some details about the Tri State Trek, the Iron Horse Challenge and the actions we are taking to bring the fight against ALS to a new level.  I very much hope that if the “Without you, We go Nowhere” ride makes the paper, that more people will tune in and join us in the fight to end this terrible disease and give hope to all the families who are being touched by this every day.  With more feet -we can walk to end it, with more hearts – we can grow compassion, with more minds – we can find answers, with more voices – we can provide hope and raise voices to grow this fight. 

 I look forward to seeing what is written about the Tour and what the Iron Horse Challenge can do to unify Ohio in the fight to end ALS!

Here are some photos from the event.  I hope everyone enjoys them:

tents set up for the Tourgetting set upgearing upwhole foods showing thier supportkenda just setting uptrek truck sets up




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