Tour de Grandview…here we come!

28 06 2009


Come out for the Tour, Give hope and Celebrate!

Come out for the Tour, Give hope and Celebrate!

stationary rider buisness card frontToday is the day!  The Tour de Grandview kicks off at noon and Audra and I will be there, bringing the message of the fight to end ALS to the Grandview community.  This will be the largest public event that we have been able to set up for so far and if the rain holds off, it should prove to be a great opportunity to share the message of hope and get to reach out to the cycling community.

We will be talking about the Tri State Trek, the Iron Horse Challenge, the Walk to Defeat ALS, the John Blazeman Foundation and handing out literature kindly donated by many of those causes. 

In addition, I have made up iced coffee made with Gehrig’s blend and a fresh fruit infused Iced tea (made of Vietnamese Jasmine, magnolia oolong, local blackberries, blueberries and strawberries, with just a light splash of Davini’s new strawberry fruit inovation syrup).  I will be offering a 16oz cup free to anyone who donates $5 or more to the cause.  I also have some Catalina iced tea in back up if things go well!

It would be wonderful if anyone in the area would like to come out and support two great local causes: the Tour de Grandview, our home grown pro cycling event in our town of Grandview, OH and the “Without you, We go Nowhere” effort to raise awareness to fight ALS across the nation and here in Ohio. 

Thanks to everyone for tuning in and raising their voices in this fight!

*more specific details on the ride and the location of the booth, etc…can be located in the post below.*




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