The Tour de Grandview and the Ride of Hope!

26 06 2009
Come out for the Tour, Give hope and Celebrate!

Come out for the Tour, Give hope and Celebrate!

The Tour de Grandveiw is nearly upon us~ and the weekend celebrations are many with the Grandview hop on Saturday, St. Christophers celebration this weekend, Comfest, and of course the Sunday Tour de Grandview.  Columbus is likely to be a hotspot of wonderful things to do and not the least of which will be ALSWARRIORS attempt to reach out to the Grandview community by supporting the Tour, Staufs, the Grandveiw community, and the wonderful actions of the ALSTDI, the TRI STATE TREK, and Ohio’s Walk To DEFEAT ALS. 

I have an area that has been graciously given to me along the route off of Grandveiw and 1st avenue to help host the “Without You, We go Nowhere” stationary ride to provide literature, stories, hope, and information about all of these wonderful events.  I am excited to bring this ride to Grandview and to represent Staufs, ALSTDI, and the Central and Southern Ohio ALS chapter at such a fantastic event!

I will be setting up a table where the communty and cyclists can pick up information on the Tri State Trek, the Walks to defeat ALS, and the Iron Horse Challenge.  In addition I hope to have Gerhig’s Blend on hand, freshly brewed iced tea with seasonal fruit, and Iced Toddy for sale to provide the onlookers and riders with a chance to not only donate to the cause, but to celebrate and be refreshed as well!

I dearly hope everyone will come out and support Audra and I as we take the message to the community and try to spread compassion and hope.  I will look forward to everyone being there and I hope that those needing a break from Comfest, will come out and support the cause.

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