The Fight Continues on the hills of Grandview, OH!

26 06 2009
the Kali family at the Arnold 09

the Kali family at the Arnold 09

Come out for the Tour, Give hope and Celebrate!
Come out for the Tour, Give hope and Celebrate!

So Below is the specific information on the set up location for Sunday’s Tour de Grandview.  The cyclist’s route, the vendors set up, the bathrooms, and where I will be set up (#5 right in front of the National City on 1st AVE just off  Grandview Ave.) 

It should be a lovely day, with a prediction of mid 80’s, sunshine, and the cooler full of Jamine iced tea with fresh fruit will be a wonderful boon for those watching the races.  I really look foward to addressing the community in a new way and I am excited about the response.  When I think about how I’m riding in the hot sun on a late June day, I can’t help but remember (particularly after the recent trip to Seattle and Porland) the letters and post cards my mom used to send me when I was in Alaska, detailing the humidity and the heat, her work in the garden out back, and the sudden thunderstorms back here in Ohio.  I can almost hear her voice through those memories and her deep understanding that hot weather wasn’t my thing, so riding for ALS and bringing hope with remembering her will keep me in the saddle on this upcoming high noon heat.  Please show your support, share the words and the events with your family, freinds, co-workers and lets keep ALS in the public view so that those suffering from it know they are not alone.

Here are the words from  Kristen Smeltzer, who is generously offering us they space along the route :

Shawn – I have you setting up in a spot on Sunday for Staufs – you mentioned you want to ride a stationary bike for your ALS charity.  You can do whatever out of this spot that you want.  FYI, we don’t have many food/drink vendors – so you can sell (or give and request donations) for drinks, baked goods, etc…

Attached is a map of the vendor area for Sunday.  I have you in slot #5 which should give you plenty of room and get great traffic.  Set up time is 10 am to 10:30.  The races begin at noon and should be over by 7:00 pm.  The races with the largest purses are later in the afternoon.


I will be riding from around set up time 10-11am to 2-3pm in the afternoon.  Everyone is welcome to join me.  Staufs has been generous in allowing me to use the set up space and I will have Gehrig’s blend toddy available and Vietnamese Jasmine Iced tea with season fruit for those interested in cooling off and making a donation for the cause.  Brochures for the Tri State Trek, the Iron Horse Challenge, and information on the Walk to Defeat ALS will also be on hand for those interested in getting involved.


—-Arnold classic update and Kali Scrimmage hosted by Tony Jayme update—-

the battle to end ALS is along many different fronts.  My commitment to end the suffering of others and defend the rights of those who struggle against this disease takes on many contours.  As a Sikal practitioner I have the honor of bringing my commitment to a physical level and it was my honor to represent Guru Steve Hacht, Guru Ken Pannell, out Sikal family, to fight along side Dean and have in my corner Chris Parkerson.  Last March I fought in the Arnold Classic in the Kali single and Double stick divisions and won a Gold and a Bronze (respectively).  I fought to honor my mother’s memory and to try to start a new window to bring others the message of ALS and its cost to those who battle it.  More recently I had the previledge to be invited by Tony Jayme to his dojo for a Kali scrimmage and I want to pay honor and tribute to them by posting some of the photos that they took of the tournament, myself, and Dean.  I hope you enjoy them and please show your support by visiting redshirtdojo and oh10fighter on youtube.  here is a link to the fight I was in at the scrimmage and there are many more on redshirtdojo.

salamat to all!

the whole group of fighters

the whole group of fighters




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26 06 2009

I love the new image you constructed for your efforts at Tour de Grandview – nice work, as always! I hope lots of people show up and donate — only a month to go!

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