Photos from the Mo Joe “Without you, we go nowhere” ride

9 06 2009

Audra_and_Shawn_at_Gallery_HopOnce I again I want to thank everyone who came out and supported the event.  Your encouragement and help was greatly appreciated and very much a part of the energy of the ride. 

One of our friends Caitlin was kind enough to take this shot of Audra and I as we tried to hand out fliers and cards to get more people involved and spread awareness about the efforts in Ohio and across the country about the fight against ALS.  We spoke about the Tri State Trek coming up in July and tried to drum up people to help, we also talked about the John Blazeman Foundation, and the local Iron Horse  Challenge (and someone was so taken with the shirt and the logo that they wanted to buy it and we directed them to make a donation – if I’d known that people like the design so much, I would have brought more to offer).  iron-horse-challenge-cor

I will be doing this again in a few weeks at the Tour de Grandview and I would love to see more people come out for that and I really hope that my community here in Grandview will offer their support to the cause. 

 I am still a ways from reaching my goal of $2,000 for the Tri State Trek and I am going to keep trying to reach out. 

I also want to thank all the people from Facebook who have visited this site and promoted it.  Your efforts have made a significant difference in getting the word out and in allowing people a chance to be a part of this fight.  It also strongly motivates me to keep trying to find special ways to spread my mother’s story and to reach out to others to share theirs.  After a year of having this site up, it is really starting to develop a life and a personality and I am very grateful to those of you who visit it regularly and keep the spirit of this alive.  It takes all of us to fight for the lives of the many people who struggle with this disease across the world.  It takes our voices and theirs to make change and hope happen and together we can make hope happen.  Thank you!

gallery hop rider cd101

a late entry photo from CD101 that was taken shortly after we started the stationary ride.  The photographer was very kind after we ended a few hours later, with comments about admiring our being out there and doing what we were doing.  I was very taken with his kindness and he mentioned we could get the photo he took from the site.  I included the link and there is at least one more photo that I show up in, somewhere in the background.  I want to thank the station for the coverage and hope the message can reach others.




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