Short North…Thank you for your support!

7 06 2009

stationary rider buisness card frontI want to specially thank all the people who gave thier time and attention to the “Without You, We go nowhere” stationary ride event at the Mo Joe Lounge in the Short North, this Gallery Hop.  I want to extend a special thank you for listening, for taking a card, and opening yourself to extending your kindness and support to this wonderful event.

There is so much we can do to ease the suffering of others and often the first step along that path is being aware of it and reaching out a part of us in an attempt to understanding it. 

If you were kind enough to have taken a card or a flier and have reached this site with your curiosity and gracious heart, I want to welcome you and highly encourage you to leave any comments, observations, questions, or ideas as I would very much like to make this a site worthy of the lives and the spirit of those who battle against Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).  I consider your visit to this site a wonderful success of the event and proof that there is a compassionate heart in the center of humanity.  It made riding 3 hrs going nowhere, an act of reaching out and being able to go somewhere. 

 I hope with your help, we can find a cure and save countless families the suffering and the hardship that this disease brings.  Please explore the links, learn about ALS, the Iron Horse Challenge, the Walk to Defeat ALS, the ALSTDI, and perhaps in all of that something about each other and ourselves.

Thanks also to Staufs/Cup O Joe/ Mo Joe Lounge (Mark Swanson our president) for allowing me to do the event.  Thanks also to CD101 for the chance to get a photo (which I hope to post soon) and for offering your kind comments in support of my efforts.  Thanks also to all the wonderful friends who came out to cheer us on.  I look forward to ringing that cowbell in July for all of you!alswarriorlogoarnoldsm




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