Without Your support, We go nowhere

3 06 2009

mojoe im22009 stationary rider sticker 2On Saturday June 6th, 2 wonderful events are going to take place.  The first and most important is my nephew Donald “DJ”‘s birthday.  My mother would be overjoyed to be celebrating with us and I hope it can be a fantastic and special event for him.

The second event is the 1st “Without You, We go nowhere” stationary biking event, which will be just outside the Mo Joe Lounge at 600 North High Street on the Cap in the Short North.  I am still in need of final approval from my boss, Mark Swanson to do this, but I am fairly confident that his support will be given.  This ride will coincide with the Short North Gallery Hop and I will look forward to engaging as many people as I can with the news of the Tri State Trek, ALSTDI, the Iron Horse Challenge, and the Walk to Defeat ALS (and the efforts of the Central and Southern Ohio ALS chapter).  I am hoping to pass out a number of fliers, cards, and fill plenty of ears.  I am dearly hoping that Ohioians will join me in the fight against ALS and either join the Trek, support it with their donations (by supporting me at http://active.com/donate/Trek2009/alswarriorohio ), or showing an interest in supporting the walks or the Iron Horse Challenge.  There has been a lot to do in trying to get graphics, posters, fliers, and other related hand outs done in time for the event on Saturday. Wish us all luck!




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