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27 05 2009

Below is a copy of the 1st email that I have sent out to friends, family, relatives, and to the generous souls who have contributed to supporting my efforts on the Tri State Trek.  Please feel free to copy this and forward it on to anyone who might have a connection to this fight as every voice is needed to show those who suffer that we have not forgotten.  I also want to thank everyone who has continued to touch base by visiting this site; knowing you are viewing this and hearing its message is powerfully supportive and keeps my energy alive.  Thank You!2009 stationary rider 2

Thank you everyone!
   It has been with the support and the strength of all of you that my efforts to combat ALS has continued to gain ground.  In 2009 I hope to increase my actions to defeat ALS by once again riding the 270 miles on the Tri-state Trek and join with the 300 riders to raise awareness and money to find a cure for this terrible disease.  It will be my 3rd year riding in honor of my Mother and I have been assured that I will ride with the number 173 to honor my father and my proud supporters from the 173rd airborne.  I am already intensifying my training and attempting to find new ways to reach out the public to ask them for help.  I must admit that for me the easy part is the ride and the challenging part is reaching out to so many and asking for their support. While I realize times are tight and everyone is taking steps to be mindful of their spending, this is also a grave time for so many who are suffering from this disease and who dearly need the actions that can bring hope to the families that are wishing for a cure.  I humbly ask that you compassionately remember all those you love and extend that feeling to every home where this disease touches.  I want no one to go through what my family struggled with during the 2 years my Mother battled with ALS.  I want no father, mother, son, daughter, or friend to watch as their loved one looses their ability to walk, talk, breath, or hope.  I deeply believe that we can make a difference in this, whether it be through our collective compassion or our fervent action, and for those who make it their job everyday to find an end to this, I want to support them in any way I can.  Please visit my ride page at at (you may need to search for this with your browser as I had trouble tracking it through more common web searches like Yahoo).  Please also visit the ALSTDI website and see the work they are doing to find a cure at  and of course the page for the Trek itself at .  Share these words and these sites with those you care about and especially with those who might have a personal connection to this disease.  I would also love it if you visited my web blog devoted to fighting ALS over the next few months as I endeavor to bring the voice of hope to Ohio : .  I will be trying to update this frequently as the months progress toward the Trek and the September Walks to Defeat ALS and the Iron Horse Challenge. I would appreciate any advice, feedback, or encouragement you could offer. I am so grateful for your support and your help. 
Together we can ride far,
Shawn Schulte




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