Without You, We go Nowhere

25 05 2009
2009 stationary rider 2

With your help we can go far....

In an effort to raise the public awareness of the Tri-State Trek/ALSTDI and the upcoming Walk to Defeat ALS/Iron Horse Challenge, I’ve brainstormed the idea to set up a cycling trainer at local events and ride stationary, to try and attract questions and perhaps fundraise for those causes.  I have gotten the go ahead from Staufs/Cup O Joe to set up in front of the shops and I’m planning to set up at the next Grandview Hop and perhaps, Columbus’s better known, Short North gallery hop. 

With so many summer events going on, my chief concern is being able to contact people and get advanced permission, followed closely by the ability to actually schedule the time off.  The beauty of the idea is of course the dual ability to ride/train and still reach out to the community. 

 The motto I’m going to run with is “Without You, We go Nowhere” and I have to admit that without the compassionate actions, the many considerate hearts, and the charitable gifts, indeed many local efforts to provide for charitable causes will suffer this year due to the economy.  The need for continued and consistent support is so clearly obvious to me, after the 2 years of struggling that my Mom endured in her fight with ALS. 

    So many services are needed in order to combat Diseases.  The medical cost, hospice care, nursing outreach, support services who donate personnel, equipment, time, transportation, not to mention the tools and resources needed to fight the disease in the lab, to find a cure, or to find medications that can offer hope.  None of these expenses go down and if funding is lost, many programs get marginalized and worse, the funding to combat the disease is undermined to the point no progress can be made and some much needed services are lost. 

 Every volunteer, every active fund raiser and active athlete, who dedicates time and resources to draw attention to these causes is desperately needed and dearly needs your support.

If everyone could/would volunteer some of their time to a cause, so many hands could make light work of this.  We would all be passing around the same $20/$50 dollars, supporting each other’s causes, solidifying our communities, helping make a compassionate difference.  We could all benefit and maybe, just maybe, find an way to end these diseases. 

 Please come out and support those efforts when you learn of them, please make those who volunteer their time feel they are supported.  Let their actions speak to those that suffer, allowing them to hope and to feel that there are those who care and that they are not alone. 

Please help me fight ALS.  Please help me honor the legacy that my Mother left with her life and her struggle. 

Please help me to find a cure. 





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