Ride of Silence

23 05 2009


DATE: May 20, 2009
TIME: 7:00 pm

<!–Where: At over 200 U.S. locations and six other countries Hundreds of locations world wide


Columbus cyclists joined cyclists worldwide in a silent slow-paced ride (max. 12 mph/20 kph) in honor of those who have been injured or killed while cycling on public roadways.  In a wonderful show of area support, Consider Biking and Mayor Coleman joined hundreds of local cyclists in a tribute/memorial ride.  Starting on the south side of the Capital building the slow progression wove up north high street, led by a local police escort, and ended just west of the starting point.  Many local teams, pro, semi-pro, lifestyle, commuter, and concerned cyclists showed up to offer support.

  Jeni’s Ice cream’s Team make a good show, as well as a large number of Team  Roll: showed up.  Casey from B1 Bicycles and Ben Anderson of 2 Bike Productions/Jellybelly were also out showing their support.

This was my 2nd year showing solidarity in this event and I was happy to also spread the word to many others, most notably John Swanson, long time Staufs/CupOJoe affiliate, music talent, and friend, who I was happy to see and ride with. 

 Its always fascinating to see how the community responds to a massive pelaton of cyclist riding in utter silence in a slow, progressive crawl.  I was grateful to the organizers, who this year passed out fliers to handout to the questioning public, to help them to understand what was going on.  So many seem to curiously watch us, some heckle, and many marvel without knowing.  There was a fantastic couple who rode just ahead of me on a tandem bike, handing out fliers and reaching out to the public.  The Consider Biking chairperson, riding the ghostly white tandem bike with the ‘missing rider’, was once again the pivot of this wheel and I want to thank him for his efforts to grow this cycling community and remind the city that we are a thriving population that is not separated from the public.  The cycling community is another voice asking for the rights we deserve as a people.  Its a deeply woven issue, whose core is mutual respect. 

 I hope the show of solidarity that was shown in this event can deepen the whole communities commitment to positive and hopeful change.  I also hope that riders will join under each others banners and help to promote actions, throughout the community, to help make that change possible. 

 I would love to grow the Iron Horse to include such a compassionate and thoughtful community.




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