Overdue Results

22 05 2009
Fighting ALS

Fighting ALS

Dean and I

Dean Marcellana and I

Chris Parkerson and I
Chris Parkerson and I

This post is long overdue, but I’m happy to report that the March 2009 Arnold Classic treated us well.  Dean Marcellana and I trained together and supported each other and our comraderie payed off as we both medaled and gave it our best effort. 

Dean scored with a gold in the single stick and a silver with the double stick, in the heavy weight division, and I earned the gold in the single stick-light weight and a bronze in the double stick, mixed weight. 

 I had hoped to post video of the event, but I can’t seem to figure out how do upload it and there have been additional issues as the video has proved to be problematic to reproduce. 

The photos were kindly shared by Mike Malloy, who shot a short video and took these with his cell phone. 

 It was found out later that Dean was fighting an illness that took anti-biotics to overcome, which compromised his cardiovascular system and made the competition harder than it should have been.  He fought with honor, skill, and tact evasion and truly did his teachers proud and I was also proud to be his training partner. 

Chris Parkerson shot the main video (one that I hope to eventually share and reproduce for others) and his support and help with Dean and I’s training was deeply appreciated.  It was also a great experience to debreif with Dean and Chris after the event and I can’t thank either of them enough for their participation and help. 

While I wish I could have devoted more time to bringing the Fight ALS campaign to the forefront, I am pleased at least with being able to have spoken with a few people about it and being able to proudly wear the gear and spread the message from the medal stand. 

Everyone who fought this year deserves recognition for helping to grow the art of kali/escrima and I also want to thank Guro Tony Marcial, Tokey Hill, and all the other judges and organizers who helped make the event possible.  I also want to give a special thanks to Guru Steve Hacht and Guru Ken Pannell for their training, support, and equipment (as Guru Steve supplied all the sticks that were used in the competition), as well as Kru Hope, whose cardio training and striking instruction helped deepen my skills for the competition. 

I am so grateful to all those who search out the path to protect those they love, who stress this training and understanding in these tourneys, who express respect and honor for life and those they battle with, and who are the humble bringers of hope in their communities. 

I am grateful to fight in the memory of my Mother and for those who fight for their lives against ALS. 





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