Special thanks to All who “Blazed” a path 2.7.09

11 02 2009
Riders in Hope

Riders in Hope

I want to offer a special thanks to Carrie Hanover who did a fantastic job of organizing, planning, dreaming up, spearheading, and ultimately getting involved and being the force behind getting this event off the ground.  I also want to thank all the cyclists, tri-athletes, Iron Men, runners, participants who came out and rode, whether for an hour or three: you all are wonderful for your efforts and for your actions.  I am very grateful that I could be apart of this event and could come to meet everyone and ride with you.  I also was very happy to learn more about John Blazeman and his efforts to fight against ALS and show the passion and spirit that leads us forward towards a cure.  I want to also thank my own personal circle who humbled me again by their actions: Kathleen, Amela, and Ed.  While I wish I could have spent more time riding beside you, the fact that you came out and helped was amazing!  I’m not sure how much we raised by our event, but I want to also thank all the gym members who contributed to the ride with their donations, curiosity, and attention.  Only through more awareness and more compassion are we going to be able to support those who wrestle with this disease and support the work of those who fight to find an end to it.

Thank you  Premier Athletic Club 3111 Hayden Road Columbus 43235 for sponsoring the 2009 Cycle for ALS for the Blazeman Foundation. Your gracious use of your facility and its prominent location near your front door allowed us to share our hope and our actions with many who would not have known.  I look forward to spreading the good word about your staff and your facilities actions to make this a great 1st for Columbus.




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12 02 2009
Edward Penczek

For Sandy! Honored to be there. Glad to help.

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