John Blazeman 2009 Cycle for ALS event

7 02 2009

Below is an email sent to me from Carrie Hanover, the organizer for Columbus’s 1st John Blazeman Foundation 2009 Cycle for ALS fundraising event.  Carrie has done a great job of pulling together this event and I am very grateful for her work and her tremendous efforts to get this off the ground.  John Blazeman’s Foundation is another great arm in the fight to end ALS. His actions as a humanitarian, as an inspirational figure, as an athlete, and as a symbol of hope is a incredible gift and I look forward to riding 4 hours in his memory.  I am also very grateful to everyone who has shown support to pull this event together in the last minutes: my lovely partner Audra, my great friend Ed, his lovely lady Amela, and the gracious efforts of Kathleen have all made this another special event for me.  Amela’s ability to touch others with her talents and charisma and fund raise so successfully with so little time is truly amazing.  I also want to thank the generous support of Chris Parkerson, who has continuously offered his support and kindness and has made a wonderful and unexpected contribution to the cause.  While I regret not being able to organize the Have a Heart for ALS ride, I am very pleased to find a winter haven to apply my efforts and keep the momentum of the fight going forward.  I also find myself on track to bring the fight (literally) to the Arnold Classic this March, as I will compete in the single stick kali division and will be wearing the ALS warrior logo to bring attention to the continual fight to end this disease. 

 I will be riding from 4pm-8pm and I will also be bringing Gehrig’s blend to serve the coffee drinking riders (hu-ya Staufs!) Anyone interested in coming out to show support will be greatly appreciated and certainly if anyone want to make any last minute donations or issue some donational challenges: bring em’ on!  Thanks again to everyone and lets make this an event worth repeating.

Please visit: and to show your support.

 Shawn, Amela, Ed and Kathleen,
I can’t thank you enough for the time and resources you have put into this event, I am very grateful to all of you.
Just a couple last minute details, on Saturday please come 15 min before your scheduled slot and bring only your bike/shoes and water bottle.  Trainers, nutrition and entertainment are provided!   Remember the event is held at the Premier Athletic Club 3111 Hayden Road Columbus 43235         

I received this email from John the head guy with the foundation, thought I would pass it on for some motivation:
    “A big THANK YOU from myself, Mike Valenti, and the entire Blazeman Foundation for ALS for all of your hard work organizing your 2009 Cycle for ALS event.  Without the amazing commitment of people like all of you, an event like this would never be possible.  Please know that although this Saturday we will ride in 22 separate locations, our collective voice will echo throughout the entire North American continent. 
 You have done the hard work getting the word out, and because of this you have already made the 2009 event a success.  We have reached thousands of people with our message that ALS will no longer be tolerated.  On Saturday we take up the fight to destroy ALS  for those who can no longer fight. We ride to support and honor the families and friends of PALS everywhere – to let them know that we hear them and that we will not go silent until a cure is found.Saturday is a celebration of the lives of all PALS.  We will ride in unity in their honor, and because of the inspiration they have provided us.  We will be their arms, legs, and voice, and we will make sure that they continue to be heard! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!  Be safe, have fun, be heard, and go a little crazy this Saturday – its good for you!”Alright lets get out there and represent!!!


02/06/2009 Route
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8 02 2009
Chris Dumas

Hey you should also take a look at our ALS ride in Napa on September 26, 2009. You can find more out at our website Best of luck!

8 02 2009

thank you so much for inviting Edward and I to be part of this ride. What made this ride even more amazing is knowing that so many people throughout United States, this same day, were pedaling in memory of those who we loved and lost, and for the people whose names we will never know yet our hearts are breaking knowing that so many will loose their battle to ALS for as long as cure is not discovered.
I look forward to the next opportunity to support the fight against ALS.

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