Columbus Walk to Defeat ALS

29 09 2008

Today is a special day for quite a few reasons…

   For one it is the 2nd leg of the Iron Horse challenge (though a quiet one for the riders, seeing that the riders have a chance to breath, heal, and recover and prep for the next 125mile ride to Cincinnatti for the final leg of the challenge).  Wanting to do something nice for my team of walkers (named Wendy’s team, after my sister, who was the initial inspiration and motivator for participating in the walk’s way back in 2006, just a few days after our mother had passed away from the disease – her son, DJ was walking in her stead, due to the fact that she is quite pregnant and couldn’t attend), I dreamed up a pre-walk pancake breakfast for a bit of a starter push.  We had a wonderful time and I want to say a special thanks to Wendy for being being our leader, to Audra who was wonderful in many, many ways, to my father for his constant involvement, to DJ for being the constant energy, to the donators Kaitlin and Loring, to my fellow walkers, Christy, Matt, Maliki, Tristan, Alicia, Tom, Chris, and to the support of Steve and my trusted staff at Staufs, who helped supply the walk with Gerhig’s Blend.  Everyone was a wonderful presence and a gift in this fight to end ALS.  I’ll admit that I was remiss in taking photos at the walk, it wasn’t for lack of want, but was more due to my best efforts to make this walk in Columbus as personal and as focused as I could bring.  Much of it was very last minute, but everyone did a great job of going out and being apart of a great event.  I am very grateful to everyone. 

The second reason today was so special, is that it is the birthday of a dear and cherished friend, who passed away March of this year, in an unexpected and saddening fight with Diabeties: Stuart Depp. There was an amazing memorial birthday event put on by his sisters, that was beautifully concieved and thoughtfully rendered.  I have added a link to Stuart’s page that I hope some of the rider’s will explore as it is a wonderful tribute to a fallen rider, a tremendous person, and a generous and compassionate member of our cycling universe.  It is a rare occasion that I don’t think of him one my treks and I always remember his spirit on the road.

I thank everyone very much for their support and the help in continuing to bring attention and energy to trying to end this disease.  Lets try to deepen this fight and lets carry our message of hope to Cincinnatti next week.  Hi Ho Iron Horses away…..!




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