Riders start your horses!

21 09 2008


Welcome all to the first official start of the Iron Horse Challenge!  Reminder to all riders: tomorrow we are departing from Staufs at no later than 6am and all who would like to get coffee’d up at Staufs need to be there by 5:30am or so.  This will also allow us to consolidate our gear and to a final prep before we leave.  We have additional walkers and a rider who will meet us in Yellow Springs, so I will be coordinating as best as I can from the road, due to the fact that we won’t know our pelaton’s speed, the prevailent wind, etc… until we are under way.  I have notified BJ at Ha Ha’s to expect us around 1pm’ish (they unclock the doors then, but BJ will open early for us if we arrive earlier).  The weather looks like its going to be good, with a projected high of 82f and a low around 48f, so some might want to bring a light jacket or undershirt while its still cool in the morning.  I look forward to seeing everyone and thanks to all the riders who signed up!  and to all the volunteers and special supporters, thank you all so very much!




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