Tri folder idea in the works…

6 09 2008

Please give me some feedback on what you think…I need to have these done and out by early next week and I would love your comments.




2 responses

6 09 2008

Hey there,
Here’s some feedback:
1) Great graphics. Striking, clear. 🙂
2) I would bump your Iron Horse Challenge graphic to be the fold-in panel for two reasons. One, the current fold-in repeats the same information, with slightly more detail, as the cover. Make that panel either the back or an inside page.
3) Inside I would include sections for a mission statement, ALS info, history of the d’feet walks around ohio, and one for each ride – date/time/location of departure and estimated return, etc. I suggest also including a section inviting other types of participation – financial, food, t-shirt, etc. donors, support drivers, etc.

Keep up the good work!
love you,

8 09 2008

well, well, you’ve really put in some work on this!
LOVE the graphics~crisp, clear, beautiful.
i agree with audra in that some of the content is repeated~space could be used to provide other info, whether mission statement, avenues towards participation, etc.
i’m also curious about the color change~blue on front, which is not carried over onto the other two reddish panels. being the visual type, i’m wanting to see some flow between them in terms of color.
finally, does Gehrigs have an apostrophe? (final panel)

beautiful job! : )

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