Tribute to a Fallen Rider

6 09 2008

I sent out a thank you letter to everyone who contributed to the tri state trek and here is the smile box letter that I sent. It’s kinda special as well because on one of the rotating photos is a man who was fighting ALS and who rode the trek 2 years ago: Dave Virden Sr.  This man was the father of a friend of my cousin’s son.  The Information below is linked from the Tri State Trek site and my deepest simpathy extends to his family.  

The link to the thank you card for those who would like to view it: 

Dave, you will be deeply missed.

Dave Sr. on the 2007 Trek





On Friday, August 29, Dave Virden Sr. lost his battle with ALS. His family and friends were by his side – exactly as he would have wanted.Dave was an incredible man, and one of only 3 ALS patients to ever ride the Tri-State Trek. I, along with many of you, have had the wonderful opportunity to meet and get to know Dave and his family, and they are truly an amazing group.
The Tri-State Trek sends its deepest condolences to the Virden family and everyone on Team Driven to a Cure.






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