the about me, gear, and become involved pages are up!

1 09 2008

My promise is to try and do something on this site everyday.  Details of the upcoming Columbus to Dayton/Fairborn to Yellow Springs ride on the 21st of September is now available.  Riders can contact me directly or through joining the alswarrior team on the defeat walk site for the Central and Southern Ohio chapter of the ALS association.  I will happily answer any and all questions as quickly as possible and hope to be able to respond the same day!  I also plan to try and ride the route preemptively to make sure that everything is perfect and I will post a list of photos documenting the route to hopefully detail any route questions anyone might have.  The start time of 6am on the 21st, leaving Staufs and heading to Fairborn, with an arrival time of 10-11am is based on the idea that 14 mph is the expected pace and that riders will more than likely travel faster than that.  This is a ride of solidarity and support, so please keep in mind that we will try and stay together as much as possible.




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